Everyday Hair: Add A Twist

A simple hairstyle idea to try for your everyday routine. A low, loosely tied pony can have a surprising ‘twist’ and styling is just as easy as it looks. With textured (sea salt spray) or 2nd day hair, pull back hair in to a loose, low pony. Braid pony a few times, tie again and then use a one inch gathering of the remaining strands to wrap around exposed hair ties and secure with bobby pins. Don’t worry about making this look exact to the picture – the whole point is a loose, undone look that is sexy and effortlessly chic, with an added ‘twist’ in the back. Style by Tami Jensen.
easy hairstyle how to


New Accessory to Love – Hoorsenbuhs Hair Ties

We are so excited to share that we now carry a new, chic accessory from the luxury brand Hoorsenbuhs. The no-tug hair ties are available in silver and gold, and make a perfect gift! Stop in the salon to get yours now.  hoorsenbuh hair ties 1hoorsenbuh hair ties