Natural Blonde

This hair color will make you do a double take — is she blessed by nature or lucky to have a great colorist? This beautiful and natural blonde shade is by Jonathan & George colorist Katherine Hyde. natural blonde highlightsgolden blonde highlights


Before and After: Brunette to Honey Blonde

There’s nothing quite like a before and after that reminds us that change is good! This brunette to blonde hair color transformation was done by master colorist Amanda George. brunette to blonde before and after

AFTERhoney blonde highlights

Balance Is Key

A lovely before and after shared with us by colorist Erick Orellana. Read about the process in Erick’s own words:

Sometimes having very light highlights at the top of your hair and none in the bottom can look very dated. Balance is important when you want to have blonde hair, especially since the lighter part of the hair should always be the ends. This client wanted an update to her look, she had a few grey hair that was of to her concern and she also still wanted to stay blonde. I advised the importance of highlighting her hair at the bottom to create “balance” with the very blonde top, this creates an all over even blonde color. I also advised to tone down the paleness of the highlights to a more baby blonde tone. hair makeover before and after

Here is what her finished result looked like. Guy Romeo also gave her a more layered haircut to create bounce and style giving the whole hair a more harmonized look.blonde highlights 2013