Textured Lob and Balayage

Placement, texture, movement, dimension. This color and cut has it all.
Color by Evelyn Arrieta.
Cut and style by Donovan Mills.


Beachy Lob

The long bob (lob) will always have a place in the hairstyles of the moment.
Cut and style by Donovan Mills.


Triangular Long Bob

The triangular long bob is slightly longer in the front than the back and so flattering on nearly every face shape. If you’re looking for a change in length or a hairSTYLE versus just a hair cut, this is the shape to try!
Color by Stephen Garrison.
Cut and style by Donovan Mills.

Wheat Blonde

Wheat Blonde – a natural hued, gorgeous shade that is flattering on nearly every skin type. Coupled with a textured cut and style, this hair is phenomenal!
Color by Dani Hernandez. Cut and style by Tami Jensen.
wheat blonde highlights and textured long bob hairstyle