Soft Brunette Highlights

Colorist Logan Jackson is becoming quite the brunette expert – we love the subtle highlights he did on this client!

brunette highlights brunette hair color ideas


Color Correction Perfection

Who doesn’t love a great color correction before and after? Colorist Logan Jackson takes his client from a yellowy blonde to a natural sandy blonde shade.

hair color correction before and after

Haircut We Love – The Pixie

There’s nothing quite like a short and chic pixie cut, and these pictures are the proof! This client’s platinum blonde locks were done by colorist Logan Jackson, and Tami Jensen perfected this pixie cut and style. We love good hair days!

pixie haircut short hairstyles

Warm Brunette with Caramel Highlights

The challenge with brunettes that want highlights is to make sure the contrast between the highlights and natural color are not so great that you end up with a streaky look. Here is an example of brunette highlights done right – colorist and brunette expert Logan Jackson focuses on highlighting more of his client’s ends than at the roots. This creates a natural, sunkissed shade with no streaks. Perfect!

warm brunette hair color and highlights subtle brunette highlights