Custom Extensions

No two heads and no two hair colors are alike, therefore if you’re going to get extensions you should get them customized specifically to your shade. Colorist and extensions specialist Katherine Hyde shares recent work she did on a client, hand sewing in beautifully customized blonde extensions to add volume and thickness to her client’s mane. Don’t you love the result?


Beachy Brunette

If you want that beachy brunette look, then take this picture to your colorist now! Katherine Hyde perfects the beachy brunette shade on her client, blending in subtle highlights with lighter ends.

sunkissed brunette highlights

Kissed By The Sun Highlights

It’s safe to say colorist Katherine Hyde nails the ‘natural’ look here – can you tell this was done by a colorist or by the sun? We can’t either. 😉

natural sunkissed highlights dark blonde or light brunette hair color