Blonde Updgrade

Upgrading your naturally dark blonde shade to a slightly lighter hue can make all the difference. Colorist Lauren Ashley gives her client subtle and superfine blonde highlights for a sun-kissed effect. dark blonde highlights before and after

AFTERdark blonde with subtle highlights


Approved: Best Drugstore Hair Picks from Jonathan Antin

jonathan antin productsWith loads and loads of hair products to choose from, take advice from an expert the next time you’re at a drugstore and go straight (or curly ;)) for the products that work. Jonathan Antin’s pro advice is featured on Beauty Riot’s article on the 6 best drugstore hair products. From volumizing products to hairspray to hot tools, Jonathan tells us about the products that are the best bang for the buck. Read the full article here.

Reinvent Your Ombre

Call this part 2 of this week’s earlier post, in case you haven’t heard the full on ombré look is ‘so 2011’. What we are seeing now is yes, still ombré in theory as the ends are definitely lighter than the roots, but we are phasing out the extreme look. Jonathan and George colorist Erick Orellana shows us a client who was looking to reinvent her color, transitioning the grown out ombré with brassy and dark roots to a more natural hair color, reintroducing softer, finer highlights at the top to a progressive, brighter and golden highlight at the ends. before and after hair color


brunette hair color ideasbrunette highlights 2013

Chic and Blonde

Before and after: the difference between having a hair cut and a hair style. Hair stylist Jonathan Antin creates superfine layers throughout that fall perfectly in to place and give natural lift and volume. Inspiration à la Farrah Fawcett. Blonde highlights color by Lauren Ashley. To book an appointment call Jonathan and George Salon at 310.275.2808. shoulder length hairstyle ideas

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