Ponytail Upgrade: Add the Fishtail

Add just 3 more minutes to your beauty routine to get an upgraded hairstyle that is still quick and easy like a ponytail. Fasten hair in a low ponytail, then wrap a small section around the band and secure with a bobby pin. Then fishtail your braid down and secure with a clear elastic at the end. If you don’t know how to fishtail braid, go to Total Beauty’s quick 5 step tutorial here. ANYONE can do this!
Hair styled by Tami Jensen.
ponytail upgrade - just add a fishtail braid


Inspiration: Messy Updo

Already a month in to 2016 – have you kept up with your New Year’s Resolution to try a different hairstyle every week? 😉 Here’s a little updo inspiration to keep you motivated, and don’t let the word ‘updo’ scare you. A messy updo style is an easy way to put your hair up and not have to worry about making it look perfect. Using either 2nd day or already curled hair, simply pull hair back in a low pony and secure with a hair tie. Section out hair in as many or as little sections as you prefer and secure around the ponytail with bobby pins. Get creative too, adding twists or small braids to liven up the look. Again, this doesn’t have to be perfect, the ‘undone’ look is what we are going for here! Finish with a light misting of hairspray. Done!  Photos from Jonathan & George stylist Tami Jensen – follow her on Instagram @TamiJHair for more hairstyle inspiration!
easy hairstyle to try - messy updo easy updo hairstyle to try