Makeover Monday: Added Extensions

Extensions don’t have to be a major transformation, they can even be a quick 1-2 hour appointment away from a little more volume, density, and length in your do. Book an appointment with one of our specialists by calling the salon at 310.275.2808
Extensions by Kacey Welch.
Color by Dani Hernandez.


Extensions To Envy

Yes, extensions expert Kacey Welch does it again! Her “Kacey Welch Method” is so on point, blending in with this client’s blonde to create an amazing head of gorgeous hair!
Book an extensions consult and appointment with Kacey by calling the salon at 310.275.2808
BEFORE hair-extensions-before-and-after-photos

Custom Sewn Extensions

Why we love extensions – sewing in just one or two wefts can make such a huge difference in the thickness and length of your hair. If you’re interested in what options are right for you, book a consultation appointment with one of our extensions specialists.
Photos below are from our extensions master Kacey Welch!

Custom Extensions

No two heads and no two hair colors are alike, therefore if you’re going to get extensions you should get them customized specifically to your shade. Colorist and extensions specialist Katherine Hyde shares recent work she did on a client, hand sewing in beautifully customized blonde extensions to add volume and thickness to her client’s mane. Don’t you love the result?