Dark Honey Blonde

This client’s natural fair brown base is lightened, and lengthened, by colorist and extension expert Kazumi Morton. The result is a dark honey blonde hue that we absolutely love! Hair stylist Allie Paronelli completes the look with long layers, blending in the client’s new extensions with her natural length. Book an appointment with Allie and Kazumi by calling the salon at 310.275.2808.

fall hair color ideas honey blonde highlights light brown highlights and extensions


Sweet Honey Blonde

Not too light and not too dark, this honey blonde hair color is just right. Color by Kazumi Morton with cut and style by Melissa Stone. Book your appointment and get your hair just right by calling the salon at 310-275-2808. blonde hair makeover 2013

AFTERhoney blonde highlights honey hair color natural blonde highlights 2013

Girlcrush: Cara Delevingne

We couldn’t decide if we have more of a girlcrush or haircrush on model Cara Delevingne. Seriously, who else can make having purple hair look so good? Here are some of our favorite shades of the ‘model’ blonde. Which look is your favorite?cara delevingne big hair Cara Delevingne hair Cara Delevingne natural blonde highlights cara delevingne natural blonde Cara Delevingne purple ombre