Yellow Blonde vs. Natural Blonde

Highlights, when done correctly, will be blended in with your natural hair color so that you can see a natural color lift, but not actually see where the color was applied. This before and after by Jonathan and George colorist Kazumi Morton is a great example. If your highlights are too light, over-processed, or not blended in well, you’ll be able to easily see the lines in your hair where the color was placed. Kazumi gave her client superfine highlights and a color that wasn’t more than two shades lighter than her natural color to ensure that these highlights stood out, but not to the naked eye.

hair makeover before and after


natural blonde hair colornatural blonde highlights


hair color trends 2013

blonde hair color chart



Vanilla Blonde

Summer is in the hair! This light and soft vanilla blonde color was done by Jonathan and George colorist Erick Orellana. A tip from Erick–Vanilla toned blonde is a great way to minimize any redness in the skin and a really HOT COLOR TREND for this coming SUMMER. This color can also be great for girls with very light natural bases making for a low maintenance grow out process since the highlights tend to be finer at the roots. highlights 2013 vanilla blonde highlights

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