2016 Golden Globes Hair

Sure, we all examine what everyone wore on the red carpet for inspiration and will for all the award shows coming up, however lets not forget that we can find amazing beauty inspiration from these looks as well. Here is a ‘close up’ of some of our favorite red carpet looks at last nights Golden Globes. Beautywise, who do you think looked best?
Katy Perry – 60s vibe katy perry - 2016 golden globes 60s bouffant hair    katy perry - 2016 golden globes 60s bouffant hairstyle   
Kate Hudson – 70s chickate hudson - 70s inspired chic hair - 2016 golden globes
Lady Gaga – Old Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe inspired hairlady gaga 2016 golden globes - marilyn monroe inspired look

Alicia Vikander – Angelic updoalicia vikander - angelic updo - 2016 golden globes
Olivia Wilde – This hair color and makeup pairing is perfectolivia wilde - hair color 2016
Rooney Mara – She always does it differentrooney mara hair 2016 golden globes
Kate Winslet – Asymmetrical pin upkate winslet - asymmetrical pin up
Maria Menounos – Headband braidMaria Menounos - headband braid hairstyle
Rachel McAdams – Volumized updoRachel McAdams - volumized updo


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