Winter Hair Care: Color & Styling Tips from Amanda George

amanda george hair stylistDuring the winter months it is important to remember that your hair still needs some TLC. Although not exposed as frequently to the sun, pool, and heat, your hair color and strands are prone to the winter dryness and elements that can cause breakage and fading. Master colorist Amanda George gives her pro tips on what you can do to maintain the integrity of your hair throughout the colder season.

1. Do a Hair Mask Once a Week

The winter dryness and indoor heat causes static, flyaways and rough ends. My milbon inphenom color treatmentfavorite treatment right now is OLAPLEX if you are at the salon and the INPHENOM color treatment for at home. Both methods soften the hair cuticle  and make blowdrying easier, cutting out the annoying frizz caused by the cold and damp season, as well as improve the appearance and longevity of your hair color (always a bonus).

2. Use a Heat Styling Sprayblow-dryer

We tend to use our blowdryer more often during the winter because (BRR!) we can’t go outside with wet hair. Protect your strands with a moisture infused heat styling spray and remember to use the cool setting at the end of styling to smooth the cuticle and prevent further damage. 

3. Get Regular Maintenance Trimswinter hair care advice

I tell my clients don’t forget to schedule regular trims throughout the winter. The same looks that worked in the summer don’t translate into winter so adopt a winter cut, maintain it for healthy hair and a more polished vibe. 

Happy Holidays!


Love Amanda  

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