A Cabo Wedding

From Beverly Hills to Cabo, lead colorist and Jonathan & George Salon co-owner Amanda George shares with us her recent trip to our sister salon, OBO at the One & Only Palmilla.

I just got back from a quick business trip to my salon in Cabo at The One and Only olivia nelson bridal hair accessoriesPalmilla! I went with Jill Linson, (the one and only), our manager at our Beverly Hills salon, to have some meetings and check in with the Pamilla team before the busy season starts next week. I arrived to see the OBO salon in full swing, doing a glam wedding party. The bride wore her hair in a combo style of The Ocean Club Bounce and the “I Do” (see more styles here), and she wore an incredible Olivia Nelson hand woven crystal headband (sold at the salon for $330). The bridesmaids and flower girls wore a variety of other gorgeous accessories like the Vivien Crystal comb ($145).Vivien crystal comb - oliva nelson hair accessories
The weather was of course very beautiful and wonderfully warm, so team used Oribe Anti Humidity Spray and Superfine Hairspray to make sure not a hair was out of place. The results were absolutely stunning.oribe superfine hairsprayoribe impermeable_anti_humidity_spray

 The girls were chapel ready in no time, hair and make up perfection. Adios Palmilla till the next time! – Amandaone and only palmilla chapel


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