Pro Tips: Amanda George’s Hair Traveling Essentials

amanda georgeTraveling light should never mean having to sacrifice looking your best. Sure, you can pack 15+ products for piece of mind that you’re covering all your bases, or you could pack just two and know you’re still going to look fabulous. Amanda George, co-owner of Jonathan & George Salon and hair maven, recently traveled to Seychelles and knew she didn’t want to lug a whole suitcase of styling products across the globe, but also knew she didn’t have to either.

best hair styling products to take while traveling“I only took two styling products in my cosmetic bag that I’m obsessed with right now.” Knowing the sun, ocean, and pool would be part of her activities, Amanda packed R+Co Park Avenue Blow Out Balm and R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray. “The blow out balm protects your hair from heat styling and locks in moisture between washes. Maintaining moisture in your hair is key to keeping it healthy and preserving color.” Amanda advises.  The second product, R+Co’s Dallas Thickening Spray, Amanda “absolutely loves” because it is a lightweight volumizer that really adds lift without overdrying your hair. The ingredients work to add in moisture as well without weighing down your strands.

Amanda’s final words of advice: “Packing these products will help keep your hair healthy and beautiful. More importantly, you have extra room in your suitcase for any ‘treasures’ you may come across while traveling.”


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