How To Maintain Your Platinum Locks

kim kardashian blonde hairLet’s face it – platinum blonde is the ‘hot’ color right now thanks in part to Kim Kardashian’s nearly white shade. The high maintenance color can look very chic, but it’s important to remember that if you’re going that route that you need to make sure you keep the integrity of your hair by keeping it extra moisturized. The color can fade or go brassy easily if not taken care of.


Amanda GeorgeMaster colorist Amanda George was recently featured in The Hollywood Reporter’s article on the white blonde subject. Amanda advises using Philip Kingsley’s Pure Silver Conditioner as part of your routine – as “the color concentrate is strong enough to work without worrying about it being too much.” Read more on how to maintain a platinum shade at The Hollywood Reporter’s website. blonde conditioners


One thought on “How To Maintain Your Platinum Locks

  1. shelrose1091

    Kim’s hair looks like straw. So broken and dried out. I love platinum blonde but she definitely just ruined her hair. She’s lucky she has hair dressers that are the best of the best but her hair will never get back to how it was after this destruction x.x

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