Meet Mina Kwok

We are very excited to announce that Mina Kwok has been added to our Jonathan & George color team. Mina is a very talented colorist with experience working with some of the top hair colorists in the industry. You can view Mina’s recent work on her Instagram page or book an appointment with her by calling the salon at 310.275.2808.

mina kwokAbout Mina Kwok

Mina’s lifelong affinity for hair, brought her to Beverly Hills after she earned a bachelor’s degree at UC Irvine. She has trained with some of the top colorists in the world and found her place amongst the best at Jonathan & George. Her professionalism and versatile skill set are evident each time she maintains, updates, or transforms a client’s look. Mina focuses on ensuring that her clients’ skin tone and hair hue complement each other. She believes that maintaining the integrity and health of hair is the foundation for gorgeous color. Her blonde clients always have a supremely sun-kissed pop, while brunettes who visit Mina leave the salon with natural richness, depth and complexity to their locks. Mina’s impressive resume includes working with companies such as Giorgio Armani, Target, Crocs, and Design With Purpose, as well as on set at The Voice.

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