Before and After: Sunkissed Blonde

An ongoing theme with any post on Kacey Welch‘s work is that she has some amazing hair color before and afters! Kacey worked her magic again and did an amazing color correction on her client, turning the color from a drab shade of brunette to a natural looking highlighted blonde hue.  hair color correction before and after

AFTERnatural golden blonde highlights


One thought on “Before and After: Sunkissed Blonde

  1. jasmine

    Please tell me how you did this color correction. I’m on the East coast so there’s no way for me to come to you. The original color looks like mine and as you know, killing red is almost impossable. Her blone color turned out beautifully.
    Can you tell how many corrections it took to acheive the final color?
    What product brand of color, level, number and volume?
    It’s difficult to find a correction colorist and it’s a bit nerve racking because you don’t want just anyone touching your hair to correct color. EEK!
    Thanks for your showing your amazing work!

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