Get to Know: Daniel McFadden

daniel mcfadden makeupWe are very excited to add a new member to our talented team, Daniel McFadden, who joins us as our in-house makeup and eyebrow artist. Daniel has become a nationally recognized makeup artist after his repeated appearances on Extreme Makeover, Dr. Phil, Living It Up! with Ali & Jack, Extra, E!, Style Network, and The Learning Channel.

For Daniel, a fabulous cut and color have much bigger impact if the lipstick, shadow and foundation are complimentary – and, unfortunately, for many businesswomen, makeup is often an afterthought. Also known for his spectacular eyebrows, Daniel waxes and tweezes a woman’s brow to expertly frame the face. Once clients have experienced Daniel’s knowing application, they’ll appreciate that makeup need not be too heavy or too light and can be just right.

Taking time to understand each client and how they want to feel, results in sexy flattering finished products. Daniel has garnered an impressive list of celebrity clients including: Teri Hatcher, Reese Witherspoon, Virginia Madsen, Kelly Preston, Paula Abdul, Brooke Shields, Christina Ricci, Rachel Griffiths, Nicky Hilton, and Jessica Simpson. 

Book your appointment with Daniel McFadden by calling the salon at 310.275.2808.





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