Holiday Hair Inspiration

Thanksgiving week is officially upon us and from here on through the new year we know holiday parties, family gatherings, and other random get-togethers are on the radar. Nothing like the pressure to be ‘photo ready’ for the next month! Here are two looks we think work well for any occasion and are easy to pull off.


Taylor Swift’s sexy, undone look at this Sunday’s AMAs set the standard for this holiday season. With the ideal party dress, the high volume, textured hairstyle is perfect for cocktail parties and New Year’s Eve. You can recreate this look by using a volumizing spray before blow drying, then using large rollers or a large barrel curling iron to create additional texture, and finally brushing out the curls for an undone effect. taylor swift ama hair 2013taylor swift hair with volume and bangs


Wearing your hair up is always a go-to for a more sophisticated look. Don’t fret about pulling together an actual up-do with perfectly placed pins, twists, and braids if you don’t have the time or skill. The secret is letting a great accessory do the ‘work’ for you. We absolutely adore the Jennifer Behr hair accessory collection. These gorgeous pieces are hand-made and flattering on everyone. See more pieces at the Jennifer Behr site. jennifer behr hair accessories


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