Ombre Color Correction

Here’s an amazing makeover for your Monday. These pictures show why time and time again colorist Kazumi Morton has been deemed the ‘brunette master’ of Beverly Hills. Color correcting over-processed highlights, Kazumi then adds in subtle and natural brunette tones. Stylist Allie Paronelli completes the makeover with a healthy cut and style. ombre hair color correction

AFTER   brunette hair color ideas subtle brunette highlights dark brunette highlights 2013


2 thoughts on “Ombre Color Correction

  1. Melanni

    I was looking for something like this and i finally found it ! ♥♥♥THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING !♥♥♥

    My hair is SO BLACK and i would like to look NATURAL and subtle like this ! IT’S PERFECT !
    I wanna get this look but i don’t know if my hairdresser could do it to look natural… Anything specific ? (By the way i’ve never dyed my hair before, so i’m really really afraid get a mess in my hair)

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