The Fashionable Side of Gray

Silver Belle, a recent article published by Vogue Magazine’s Vicki Woods, gives the author’s  candid account of her journey to go gray. The article also highlights (no pun intended) several women in fashion and beauty that have embraced gray and silver as a shade. Jonathan and George Salon co-founder Amanda George, a colorist with 20 years experience, has come across countless situations with clients and that BIG decision on whether or not to go gray. Amanda says that it can be a difficult choice, and even with her advice it ultimately has to be up to the client to make. Lately, however, Amanda has noticed a shift in the way we perceive the silvery shades. “What’s inspiring to me” says Amanda, “is that gray is no longer just a shade associated with age, it can be a color associated with having style and there’s definitely an edgy look to it if you can pull it off. Think of those that are fashion-forward, using their hair as an accessory and statement to their natural beauty.” From the examples of photos below, we can definitely agree with that!

beautiful gray hair fashion forward hair trends vogue gray hair article


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